Cristiana Brusco is an Italian- Argentinian passionate artist living in san Diego, CA since 2012 and an active board member of The Southwestern Artists Association at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park.

She started oil painting few years ago when she moved from Italy to the States. She took art classes, learned from other artists, workshops, books, videos and experimentation over the years.

Having lived most part of her life in Italy surrounded by marvelous art, she learned to catch the small details in the world and life that make things beautiful.

Inspired by nature and beauty, she paints mostly trees and abstract contemporary landscapes. “I love to paint skies,” she says “the way colors come together on a sunset is simply perfect” She works primarily in oils usually applying paint over several painting sessions, building up layers of color and detail. Her work is mostly characterized by her bold, splashy use of color. “My paintings are full of light and color because light and color are the way I choose to see the world”

Find her artwork displayed at the Gallery 23 in Spanish Village Art center, Balboa Park.